To ensure that the best service is provided to our clients, OCAM constantly invests in facilities, equipment and personnel improvement.

We have a staff of 40 qualified professionals, in five departments, each headed by managers with vast experience in their prospective fields of expertise. Besides the external professional courses our employees attend, our concern is to improve the individual talents of our staff on a continual basis.

Our computerized structure is formed by an internal network, which is linked to the Internet. Due to its technological progress, OCAM is recognized amongst the top 5% best equipped External Accounting Companies in Brazil (according to the most recent survey carried out by FENACON, the Accountant's National Federation).

Seeing the need for data protection and preservation, we have a stringent back-up policy at OCAM, organised by a specialist firm, using a mirror (double) disk system. We also make a security copy everyday, that is kept at a location more than 15km from our office. Furthermore, another copy of monthly data records is kept for 5 years.

We have offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro , with representative branches in Fortaleza , Recife , Brasilia , Uberlandia , Montevideu and Santiago . We are also the only Brazilian member of the INAA International Network of Accountants and Auditors ( www.inaa.org ) , with representative offices in 50 cities around the world. Membership of such an organisation enables us to provide a quick, reliable and easy-to-use service for our clients with International interests.